Community Feeding Pioneer Kids 
Celebrating 10 years of Community Partnerships

Please join us as we strengthen and renew our partnership with Pioneer School District and welcome our new partners Bridge Community Youth Group to serve the needs of our food-challenged children! In addition to our monthly Tuesday night food distribution serving all those in need in our Pioneer Community, we are launching a new united two-part effort called: Community Feeding Pioneer Kids  

The first is the Cupboard Program led by our Foodbanks own Jacque Hammond and her team of volunteers. Cupboards stocked with nutritious food are now stocked at both the Elementary and Middle School to be accessed by students facing food challenges on an emergency basis.

The second is a supplement to the existing Backpack Program. It adds needed items of protein to their existing backpack program. A newly developed partnership between Bridge Community Youth Group, Food Bank Volunteers and Pioneer Schools has the youth helping with fund raising and doing the assembling of the supplemental packets.  Foodbank volunteers then deliver to school counselors for distribution. This group of youth even cleans up the distribution center as another volunteer effort to serve our community needs at the foodbank. 

Many Thanks… We are excited to launch these programs and would like to thank two local businesses for their contributions to kick start our united community efforts: Tobin Brothers Excavation and Tree Service and Sierra Pacific Industries.  We are fortunate that both businesses believe it is important to give back to the community that supports them and love the fact our youth were helping youth as well.

It is often difficult for anyone to accept help, so this concept or message will be shared:

What we accept in help today – we will pay forward in helping another in the future.

There is no shame in needing help, by providing for the needs of our kids today, with a dash of mentorship, we are building a foundation for a caring, united community in our years of tomorrows!

How You Can Help – here are some ideas to start…

Hold a targeted fundraiser asking for one item from our needed list posted on our website at:

Have admissions to an event be a targeted item from the items needed list.

Perhaps your club or business offers fund matching for donations.

You may choose to make individual donations:

  • By making a check payable to: Pioneer Schools with the memo: “Community Feeding Pioneer Kids” and mail it to: Pioneer Schools 112 E Spencer Lake Rd. Shelton WA 98584. The money will be held in a fund by that name and be made available to purchase items for only these purposes by Pioneer Food Bank Volunteers or designated District Employees.
  • Donations may also be sent to: Pioneer Food Bank with the memo: “Community Feeding Pioneer Kids” 500 E North Island Dr. Shelton WA 98584  

We appreciate how many already consistently give to the food bank and realize you might be at your financial limit. Please consider helping us find innovative ways to raise money, lead a fund raiser, or obtain product to meet the needs of our littles.  The planting of seeds and a drop in the pond ripple effect really does have a big outcome!

We hope you will join us in our celebrational project and keep our Pioneer History alive – for the love of our kids!

On Behalf of the Pioneer Foodbank Board and those we serve,

April Hansen
Coordinator, Purchaser and Community Member Representative to the Board

Jacque Hammond                                                                                             
Purchaser, Community Member Representative to the Board                 

Dan Peterson
Church Member, Representative to the Board, Liaison Bridge Community Church